Freedom Trail Tour

by Zamo Bakhtyar

Zamo, from Sulaymania, is a participant on the IYLEP high school program. He just concluded the host community portion of the program in Boston, MA. He blogs about a memorable experience in Boston.

We are IYLEP 2012 participants of Boston, MA. As part of our homestay experience we had a Freedom Trail Tour; it was very interesting and useful. The Goal of that tour wasn’t just for fun, it was for our knowledge, to help us understand where we are, what happened in the old days to this city, and the reason Boston is one of the very important cities in the US. Fortunately, IYLEP staff in Boston, Pam, Keith, Adrienne and Kayla decided to take that tour with us.

We went to many important places and the places were very interesting. But before we started our tour we all sat and discussed the history of Boston and the US. After that we stared our tour. The most interesting thing in this tour was the line of the trail! There is a red line in Boston which takes you to all the historical places!!

The first place we went was Copp’s Hill Burying Ground. It was a rest land in which there was the grave of the people who died in the old days. There were many people buried here, from accused witches to those who died from poverty.  After that we went to Old North Church, it was a old church,  built by the British. The church was not like other churches I’ve seen.  It had small rooms in which the important people of that time went to that church, separated from the commoners. Inside the church there were two Angels that were stolen from the British people when they were crossing the US by ship. We made a circle after visiting the church and discussed religion and history in which all of us spoke and we gave our opinion. Then we went to Paul Revere’s House; it was an old house, built in the 17th century, home to many important people over the years. We also visited a memorial for the Jewish people that died in concentration camps in Germany. There were big glasses with numbers written on them, which were the IDs of the Jewish people in Germany.  Six million Jewish people died in those camps. After these thought provoking visits, the tour finished and we went to a park and discussed the politics in the US and Iraq.

Through this freedom trail tour I have learned a lot about the history of the United States. The things I learned about US leaders helped me see what qualities a leader should have, so I can use it in my life. For example, I learned that nothing is impossible if you try hard for it, just like the American people did. They fought against the UK to be free and have their own government and own country.

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