Next Alice Rowan Swanson Fellowship Application Deadline is March 1

The Alice Rowan Swanson Fellowship was established by the family of SIT Study Abroad Nicaragua ’06 alumna Alice Rowan Swanson, is a living tribute to Alice’s life, her passion for bridging cultures and helping others and the role that SIT Study Abroad played in her life. An Amherst ‘07 graduate, Alice was killed while riding her bike to work in 2008. Read more about Alice’s life.

Alice’s family believes that Alice would have spent her life working for human rights abroad, particularly in developing countries. This fund will annually award fellowships to SIT program alumni who would like to return to the country of their program to pursue further development projects that benefit human rights in that region. The first recipient of the Alice Rowan Swanson Fellowship is currently in Chile pursuing her studies on indigenous women.

The next application deadline for this Fellowship is March 1. Read more about the fellowship and download an application.

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3 Responses to Next Alice Rowan Swanson Fellowship Application Deadline is March 1

  1. Eno okpo says:

    I was so touched reading Alice’s story. I subscibe to the world learning’s e-newsletter and work with persons with disabilities in the forgotten places of our cities in Nigeria.

    Alice story has thought me that vision is not only having a passion we live for but can also die for. it has strengthened my resolve to continue what I’m doing no matter how challenging it gets.

    To Alice’s family, welldone and to those who will do get the award, give your best.

  2. foday kamara says:

    It good to have people on board my dear specailly experince people in society.

  3. Patrick Howell says:

    I couldn’t be happier to see this. I was in Nicaragua with Alice in ’06, and my short time spent with her on the program was enough to allow her passion and devotion to human rights and the pursuit of happiness to have a profound influence on me and what I want to contribute to mankind. Alice is very missed by everyone who she has touched throughout the globe, and thank you, SIT, for helping to keep her memory, ideals, and purpose alive and well!

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