Advocating for miners\’ rights in South Africa

Clint Smith in Senegal

SIT alum Clint Smith with host community in Senegal during his semester abroad.

Poet and SIT Study Abroad Senegal alum Clint Smith just can’t seem to keep quiet. At least that is Clint’s hope when it comes to advocating for global issues in South Africa. This time, he’s speaking out about miners’ rights. 

We featured Clint’s piece “Winds of Change” in a previous post where he spoke out about increasing social and civic engagement amongst South Africans. We also included his work in a recent video about World Learning where Clint recited a poem about empowering youth to become global leaders.  Now his poem “Welcome to the Mines” will be featured in an upcoming film about South African miners titled “They Go to Die” directed by Jonathan Smith.

“This is an issue that I have become extremely passionate about,” said Clint. “I hope that this poem, as well as the film as a whole, can humanize an issue that is so often trapped within the confines of academia and medical journals.”

The film documents the lives of four gold miners lacking health care who were released from their jobs after contracting tuberculosis and HIV.

Watch Clint’s spoken word piece below or click here to visit the website for the film. Clint has made it his life’s passion to use his art and poetry to raise awareness about critical global issues in South Africa.

YouTube Preview Image
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