Career Center Prepares Algerian Youth for the Job Market

While Algeria’s economy is strong, thanks in large part to the oil and natural gas industries, its young people still struggle to find work. Even those with a university education face high unemployment and limited job prospects.

In 2010, World Learning partnered with the University of Ouargla to establish a career center that would better prepare students for the difficult job market. It was created through the Algeria University Linkages Program and is sponsored by the US Department of State and the US Embassy in Algiers. The career center offers training programs to give students the skills needed to find jobs and also engages with local businesses to find and create new employment opportunities. The University of Ouargla will take over running the career center in 2013 in cooperation with local private sector partners.

In this audio essay World Learning Algeria Field Project Director Leah Bitat discusses the organization’s efforts to create the career center and its work with students and the community.

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One Response to Career Center Prepares Algerian Youth for the Job Market

  1. lounis tamrabet says:

    My hat off to you Leah for the great and impressive work.I am so happy that worldlearning is involved in career development.
    There should be more focus on entrepreneurship education to equip the young students who hold a university degree to create their own entreprise.
    Wish you full success
    Lounis Tamrabet

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