In Memoriam: Three Outstanding Former Staff

By Alvino Fantini

During the past few weeks, we have learned of the passing of three outstanding former staff, who were well known and held in high regard by many at World Learning: Georg Steinmeyer, Alice Atwood, and Don Batchelder. All three of these colleagues played important roles at various points during our organization’s history.

Georg came originally to World Learning to teach German in our intensive pre-departure language courses for Outbound Experimenters, and later joined the staff as assistant director of the Foreign Language Office. He supervised the construction of the Undergraduate Building, SIT’s first classroom building, now the Sandanona Graduate Center.

Alice was an indefatigable woman who worked for many years in the institution’s Accounting Department, at the time located on the third floor of the Boyce Building. Alice worked in Accounts Payable until she was well into her eighties, when she eventually retired to her home in Bellows Falls.

Don served as director of numerous early Peace Corps Training Projects at Sandanona—now the SIT campus—when it was first acquired for this purpose. Later on, he helped to develop the Projects & Grants Office until it was moved to Washington, DC. This unit is now the International Development & Exchange Programs.

Requiescant in pace.

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