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SIT Alumna Teva Sienicki Awarded Livingston Fellowship

Congratulations to SIT Graduate Institute alumna Teva Sienicki for being selected as a 2015 Livingston Fellow by the Bonfils Stanton Foundation. Sienicki is the president and CEO of Growing Home, an anti-poverty organization in Adams County, Colorado, and holds a master’s degree in international intercultural management from SIT. The Bonfils Stanton Foundation awards five, $25,000 Livingston Fellowships each year to aspiring nonprofit leaders to support their professional development through activities including advanced study, research, and travel.

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Sydney Temple: Advancing Leadership

As a sophomore at Macalester College, Sydney Temple was weighing his study abroad options when he came across some photos of Nepal. “I grew up in the mountains,” he says, “and there was something about the scale and grandeur of the Himalayas that pulled me in.” Syd went on to spend six months in Nepal with SIT Study Abroad, living with a local family and studying traditional Nepalese belief systems. After just two weeks studying the Nepali language, Syd arrived in the country and found himself in a household without a single English speaker. The immersive experience paid off, and Syd and his peers quickly became comfortable holding basic conversations in Nepali. “People were so open and welcoming,” he recalls. “We may speak different languages or seem foreign to each other at first, but deep down, everybody’s pretty much the … Continue reading

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Karen Eckhart: Giving Back to SIT

When Karen Eckhart enrolled at SIT Graduate Institute in 1992, her background stood out from those of her peers. After 25 years teaching English as a Second Language, she decided—at age 53—that it was time for a new chapter. “I was eager to explore new developments in language learning,” she says, “and I had always dreamed of living in New England. SIT seemed like the perfect fit when it came to pursuing a master’s degree.” Karen found SIT’s emphasis on experiential learning to be an incredibly effective and compelling framework for engaging with the subject matter. “I loved that I was encouraged to reflect on my professional work in the context of new material, and I enjoyed the dialogue that was sparked by my professors’ insightful comments on my coursework.” During her yearlong course of study, she found tremendous inspiration … Continue reading

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Celebrating a Lifetime of Dedication

Alvino and Bea Fantini’s welcoming faces are familiar to many students who have taken part in a World Learning program in the last 50 years. With 98 years of combined service to World Learning between them, the Fantinis have had an unprecedented impact not only on the organization but on the thousands of SIT participants they have taught. World Learning is thus thrilled to announce the establishment of the Alvino and Bea Fantini Scholarship in their honor. Alvino’s involvement with World Learning began in 1954, when he received a scholarship to study in Mexico with The Experiment in International Living. He later joined SIT’s faculty. During his 48-year tenure, he led trips, taught classes, launched new programs, and witnessed the edification an international, cross-cultural education affords young people. “I’ve seen firsthand how these experiences truly change the course of young … Continue reading

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SIT Alumna’s local cause reaches the international stage

By Sefakor Komabu-Pomeyie, Advancing Leaders Fellow 2013, SIT Graduate Institute 2013 For some time now, EEPD AFRICA has been working assiduously to achieve its goals to create awareness and advocate for persons with disabilities in Africa. We know we cannot do this alone, though, so we are making every effort to network with like-minded people, organizations, and coalitions. Recently, we met with a representative from the World Vision International to tell her more about our work. Our Accessible School Environment Advocacy media campaign has been going extremely well, and after Professor Angela Hare saw one of our YouTube clips, she reached out to us to learn more about our work. Why was she so interested in our campaign? According to her, she could not stand by after seeing how most Ghanaian children with disabilities are being neglected and deprived of … Continue reading

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Save Girls’ Education in Balochistan

By Gul Khan Naseer, Advancing Leaders Fellow 2014, South and Central Asia Region Legislative Fellows Program 2013 Balochistan is the largest province in Pakistan by area, but has the lowest literacy rate in the country. Only 44 percent of children are enrolled in school, and only 36 percent of girls are getting an education. According to Pakistan’s constitution, every child aged 5–16 is entitled to free and compulsory education, so why are so few children in this province in school? With involvement from local private schools, Balochistan’s Panjgur district has the highest literacy rate in region, but it is facing a serious problem. In April 2014, the religious extremist group Tanzeem-ul-Islam-ul-Furqan showed its determination to prevent girls from going to school. The group left written threats on the doors of the Oasis School, saying if the school did not close, … Continue reading

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Connecting the World Cup with Social Innovation

By Ntaryike Divine Jr, Advancing Leaders Fellow 2014, International Visitor Leadership Program 2012 June 2014 was a tremendously thrilling and yet challenging month for Science Investigations Inc (SCINC).  I spent most of the month in Brazil covering the 2014 World Cup for Cameroon’s Canal 2 International TV channel while also keeping up with the increasingly enriching World Learning Advancing Leaders Fellowship courses on social entrepreneurship. From the sidelines I watched Cameroon predictably underachieve. They were the second team to be knocked out of the tournament, and it dawned on me that the team managers’ science unawareness explained some of the reasons for the blunder. Why would a team preparing to play in tropical South American climatic conditions train in cold Austria? And did their late arrival—only four days prior to their first game—affect acclimatization and fitness? These types of questions … Continue reading

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Making International Days Matter أمل العالم

By Amira Ali Bouaouina, Advancing Leaders Fellow 2014, English in the Leadership Context 2013 The distinction between “Children’s Day” and the “International Day of the African Child” is glaring. While children around the world celebrate the first occasion by playing, dancing, drawing, and expressing their dreams to become doctors and astronauts, the majority of African children have never even heard about their special day. It simply passes by as any other normal day, where many still don’t have enough to eat, dig for water, deal with pregnancy and motherhood at too young of an age, and pass away silently. It has been more than three years since Algeria—the city of Ouargla, more specifically—received masses of refugees from the Sahel region of Mali due to war and political unrest. According to the Algerian newspaper Akher Saa (May 2014), five THOUSAND African … Continue reading

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Adapt and Overcome

By Alicia Moore, Advancing Leaders Fellow 2014, SIT Graduate Institute 2013 Summer has finally arrived at Blue Yonder Organic Farm, and the season is well underway. Apples, raspberries, and pears grow big in the orchard, swelling to perfection under clear blue skies. Leeks, garlic, tomatoes, and a variety of produce are maturing rapidly, almost ready for us to savor nature’s bounty from our fields. While the expression “adapt and overcome” is actually part of the Marine Corps mantra, I heard it often during my time in the Army. We never really know what type of curveball life is about to throw at us or which obstacles will halt the progress in our journey. A life well-lived is filled with not only triumph and joy, but sometimes difficulty and pain. Time on the farm is calming and sweet, but there are still reminders that … Continue reading

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Emma Carmichael Experiment alumna Botswana 2005 to become editor-in-chief of Jezebel

Buzzfeed reports that Emma Carmichael, a 2005 Experiment alumna of the Botswana: Wildlife, Ecology, and Culture program, will soon become editor-in-chief of Jezebel. She is currently serving as one of the co-editors of The Hairpin. Carmichael will replace outgoing-editor Jessica Coen at Jezebel, which had more than 17 million unique views last month. Carmichael served as co-editor of The Hairpin for a little over a year and in an email to her colleagues at The Awl (parent site of The Hairpin), she wrote, “I’ve learned so much on this job, and the only reason I feel even remotely prepared for this next thing is because of my time working with you all.” Joel Johnson, editorial director for Gawker Media, later announced the hire in a post on his Kinja page, “Today, I made an offer to Emma Carmichael to return to … Continue reading

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