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World Learning Supports Inclusion

In our new video, World Learning staff demonstrate their support for and commitment to inclusion. We seek to create a more inclusive world by addressing the needs of and drawing on the contributions of all members of society.

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International exchanges, the key to unlocking a country’s social and economic development?

By Maegan Shanks, World Learning Intern International exchange in many ways is the pulse of our global society. Each individual from each country and culture is stunningly different. Just like fingerprints, no two individuals are identical, and with over seven billion people inhabiting the earth, there are opportunities to learn and teach tolerance and how to accommodate for all differences. International exchanges are opportunities to engage, learn, teach, and support other members of our world. It is amazing how a simple idea of socializing with people from other countries/cultures can have a profound effect on a country’s social and economic development. For example, imagine, I go to a country with the idea of giving away 500 USD to each family to build a house on the hill that will help protect them from floods. I am confident that I have … Continue reading

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Female economic exclusion and inequality leads to underdevelopment

By Gabriel Ortiz-Barroeta: Communications Department Mother’s Day is a holiday during which many people honor that one person who has always been there unconditionally for them. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, society hasn’t been there for those who give unconditionally. Despite great advances in the world, many women still don’t enjoy the basic right of full economic inclusion. Countries that deny women this essential right deprive themselves of sustainable economic development by undermining growth and the creation of human capital. At World Learning, we are proud to consider global gender equality an essential part of our work. Above all, the issue of gender inequality is a moral one. More than 50 percent of the world’s population is female, making the fact that women are discriminated against in the basic right to participate in economic activities unjust and disgraceful. … Continue reading

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Reflection on Freedom of the Press

By Gabriel Ortiz-Barroeta: Communications Department With the 21st anniversary of World Free Press Day comes a lot of reflection. It is a great moment to refresh our memory about the reasons why freedom of the press is such an indispensable right for all countries and individuals, but a right that unfortunately not all enjoy. The fact is that freedom of the press is an essential component in the freedom of human beings. While even in democracies the press face challenges, the solution lies in giving not less, but more freedom to the press. The benefits of press freedom in terms of development and participatory democracy are clear and necessary for countries to progress. For these reasons, World Learning is proud to work promoting freedom of press throughout the globe. Freedom of press is essential to the freedom and development of … Continue reading

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iPACE in Burma Goes on the Road with First-Ever ‘Mobile Trainings’

Between November 9 and 23, World Learning’s Institute for Political and Civic Engagement (iPACE) in Burma (Myanmar) launched short-term, “mobile trainings” outside Yangon for the first time since the institute’s establishment one year ago. The short-term courses were implemented in partnership with local non-governmental organization, Environmental Conservation and Community Development Society (ECODS) based in Chin State in northern Burma.  ECODS led the efforts through a grant from the U.S. Embassy’s Small Grants Program and with support from iPACE. This is the first time iPACE has offered its courses outside Yangon—a critical first step in addressing an increasing demand for civic education as the country progresses towards democratic transition. iPACE course instructors, Thu Ryain Shwe and Pau Sian Lian traveled to Chin State, working side-by-side with ECODS to introduce the institute’s Federalism and Strategic Planning for Change courses.  iPACE also offered … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation: World Learning Youth Programs’ Style

What did you do for summer vacation? More than 270 young people who participated in World Learning’s summer Youth Programs have a great answer to that perennial question. They traveled from across the world and around the United States to spend several weeks developing their leadership skills, engaging in discussions about critical issues, and building friendships with youth from other countries and cultures. Check out our new infographic below to find out more about the summer programs and the young people who participate in them. In addition to these summer programs, World Learning runs a number of other youth programs throughout the year, such as the Youth Ambassadors programs for Brazil, Chile & Argentina, and Bolivia & Peru; the Youth Leadership Programs, and the Future Leaders Exchange Program that each promote civic engagement and cross-cultural understanding among young people.  

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USAID Officials Attend Cisco Networking Academy Graduation

Participants in the Cisco Networking Academy at CBTIS99 high school in Monterrey, Mexico, had some special guests at their graduation ceremony earlier this summer, a delegation from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) that included Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean Elizabeth Hogan, Mexico Mission Director Tom Delaney, and other staff. The graduation honored 83 participants who completed the first round of Cisco’s information communication technology (ICT) and entrepreneurship training at CBTIS99. The school is one of four public high schools in the northern border region of Mexico participating in the pilot USAID/Mexico: Technology and Entrepreneurship Skills Development Program Associate Award, which establishes Cisco Networking Academies to provide training for high school students, their immediate families, and other members of the community. The program aims to build the ICT and entrepreneurship skills base in northern … Continue reading

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World Learning screens “Wretches and Jabberers” to promote a more inclusive world.

Last week World Learning hosted a screening and discussion of the film Wretches and Jabberers, about two men with autism working to change perceptions about intelligence and disabilities. World Learning President and CEO Donald Steinberg and Charlotte McLain-Nhlapo, coordinator of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Office for Disability and Inclusive Development, opened the screening by discussing the importance of inclusive development practices. Steinberg said it is essential to involve historically marginalized groups, such as persons with disabilities, in efforts to create “a more inclusive, democratic, prosperous, and peaceful world.” “We simply can’t afford to waste the talents of the 10 to 15 percent of the world’s population who have disabilities,” he said.  “At World Learning, this means ensuring that we are organizing specific development, exchange, and education programs for people with disabilities; prioritizing issues of disabilities in all … Continue reading

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SIT Student Gives Meaning to Words in Thailand

When Jaime Durham enrolled in the Master of Arts in TESOL program at SIT Graduate Institute last September, she knew she wanted to complete her two-month teaching internship, which began in January of this year, abroad. After applying to programs in Morocco and Spain through SIT, she accepted an internship in Mae Sot, Thailand with World Education. Durham had never taught primary school, but she quickly adapted to her new students, primarily Burmese refugees who knew only the most basic English, thanks to the guidance and support of a local mentor who was supervising her during her internship. “They had all studied English before, they just didn’t have a lot of meaning attached to their words,” said Durham, who challenged the students to more deeply reflect on word choice and language each day. Though the internship provided her a with … Continue reading

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School’s (Almost) Out for Summer: FLEX Students Prepare for Departure

The Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program is one of the U.S. Department of State’s distinguished youth exchange programs. The program provides secondary school students from the Eurasian countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine, the opportunity to study and live in the United States for one academic year. Participants live with host families and attend high school in communities across the country to learn about US life and culture. World Learning is one of eleven organizations selected by the State Department to place students in homestays and provide support for them during their time in the US. This is the organization’s first year implementing the program. The State Department founded the FLEX Program to promote mutual understanding between the United States and the countries of Eurasia. It is a highly competitive program, which ultimately accepts … Continue reading

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