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SIT Alumna Teva Sienicki Awarded Livingston Fellowship

Congratulations to SIT Graduate Institute alumna Teva Sienicki for being selected as a 2015 Livingston Fellow by the Bonfils Stanton Foundation. Sienicki is the president and CEO of Growing Home, an anti-poverty organization in Adams County, Colorado, and holds a master’s degree in international intercultural management from SIT. The Bonfils Stanton Foundation awards five, $25,000 Livingston Fellowships each year to aspiring nonprofit leaders to support their professional development through activities including advanced study, research, and travel.

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In Memoriam: Three Outstanding Former Staff

By Alvino Fantini During the past few weeks, we have learned of the passing of three outstanding former staff, who were well known and held in high regard by many at World Learning: Georg Steinmeyer, Alice Atwood, and Don Batchelder. All three of these colleagues played important roles at various points during our organization’s history. Georg came originally to World Learning to teach German in our intensive pre-departure language courses for Outbound Experimenters, and later joined the staff as assistant director of the Foreign Language Office. He supervised the construction of the Undergraduate Building, SIT’s first classroom building, now the Sandanona Graduate Center. Alice was an indefatigable woman who worked for many years in the institution’s Accounting Department, at the time located on the third floor of the Boyce Building. Alice worked in Accounts Payable until she was well into … Continue reading

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Teaching a Global Perspective in the Heart of Vermont

This article was originally published in the September/October 2014 issue of Vermont Magazine. It has been reprinted here with permission. Read the original version as a pdf. By Kathryn deBros Perched on a little mountain, just on the outskirts of Brattleboro, a gentleman’s farm sits at the end of a winding dirt road. Many of its original, colonial era buildings still stand today, quaint and white and overlooking Vermont at the place where it blends almost seamlessly into New Hampshire. The farm itself has been out of commission for more than a century, but a form of cultivation does indeed continue there today. The farm is now the home of the School for International Training, which is celebrating its 50th year of undergraduate study abroad programs—as well as its mission of creating global citizens—in 2014. SIT is many things, but … Continue reading

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Where will your education take you?

Watch our new video to learn about SIT Graduate Institute’s Washington, DC Center. World Learning’s SIT Graduate Institute offers rigorous, hands-on graduate education in sustainability, social justice, entrepreneurship, monitoring & evaluation, and more, while students advance their leadership capacity, practical skills, and networking channels.

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A Long Journey to Education

By the time he was 11 years old SIT Graduate Institute alumnus James Kassaga Arinaitwe had already lost his entire immediate family and was living with his grandmother in rural Uganda. They made a meager living from the few goats, cows, and chickens they owned, but couldn’t afford the tuition Arinaitwe would need to attend high school. Arinaitwe heard that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni would often help youth in need, but the presidential estate was 500 kilometers away. Arinaitwe was determined to further his education and came up with a plan to make the long trek to the president’s house and ask him personally for a scholarship. Read more about Arinaitwe’s incredible journey on NPR.

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Karen Eckhart: Giving Back to SIT

When Karen Eckhart enrolled at SIT Graduate Institute in 1992, her background stood out from those of her peers. After 25 years teaching English as a Second Language, she decided—at age 53—that it was time for a new chapter. “I was eager to explore new developments in language learning,” she says, “and I had always dreamed of living in New England. SIT seemed like the perfect fit when it came to pursuing a master’s degree.” Karen found SIT’s emphasis on experiential learning to be an incredibly effective and compelling framework for engaging with the subject matter. “I loved that I was encouraged to reflect on my professional work in the context of new material, and I enjoyed the dialogue that was sparked by my professors’ insightful comments on my coursework.” During her yearlong course of study, she found tremendous inspiration … Continue reading

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Celebrating a Lifetime of Dedication

Alvino and Bea Fantini’s welcoming faces are familiar to many students who have taken part in a World Learning program in the last 50 years. With 98 years of combined service to World Learning between them, the Fantinis have had an unprecedented impact not only on the organization but on the thousands of SIT participants they have taught. World Learning is thus thrilled to announce the establishment of the Alvino and Bea Fantini Scholarship in their honor. Alvino’s involvement with World Learning began in 1954, when he received a scholarship to study in Mexico with The Experiment in International Living. He later joined SIT’s faculty. During his 48-year tenure, he led trips, taught classes, launched new programs, and witnessed the edification an international, cross-cultural education affords young people. “I’ve seen firsthand how these experiences truly change the course of young … Continue reading

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End of Year Message from Donald Steinberg

By Donald Steinberg, World Learning President and CEO My first year at World Learning has been an exciting journey of discovery. I’ve been inspired by my talented colleagues, driven by a common mission of empowering a new generation of global citizens to build peace, prosperity, social justice, and inclusion worldwide. I’ve been honored to help drive our programs in international education, exchange, and development to achieve greater global impact, more innovative projects, expanded inclusion, new partnerships, and enhanced financial security. This year people from throughout this diverse institution—encompassing the SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro and Washington, The Experiment in International Living, SIT Study Abroad, International Honors Program, and the International Development and Exchange Program—have been making a real difference in the lives of others. They are new leaders with fresh ideas, strong values, and tech savvy who are at the … Continue reading

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A message from CONTACT to Pakistan

Paula Green, director of the CONTACT (Conflict Transformation Across Cultures) program, shares this note following the 16 December school attack in Peshawar, Pakistan. On the final day of CONTACT South Asia 2014, December 14th, we watched in joy as Malala Yousafzai focused her Nobel Prize lecture on educational opportunity for all of Pakistan’s children. With passion and eloquence, she told the world that children should not, but still do, need protection from elements in society that attempt to deprive them of the basic right to education. The next day, in transit from South Asia to Boston, I saw the TV monitors in Istanbul Airport relaying information about the brutal tragedy unfolding in Peshawar, Pakistan, Malala’s home city near the Afghan border, where 145 students and teachers, denied their education and their lives, were murdered by Taliban forces. Fifty of us, participants from … Continue reading

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Class is in Session

It’s fall, the weather is cooling down, leaves will start turning soon, and students are back in class. This semester more than 1,400 students are going back to school through World Learning programs. Students on SIT Study Abroad programs immerse themselves in other cultures and conduct original research in more than 30 countries. At SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont and Washington, DC, master’s degree candidates will prepare to be effective leaders, professionals, and citizens in intercultural and international environments. Through the Undergraduate Exchange Program (UGRAD), sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, college students from dozens of countries will spend a semester or a year at colleges and universities across the United States. High school students from Eurasia and from countries with significant Muslim populations will also spend a year in the United States through the State Department’s Future Leaders … Continue reading

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