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The Fantinis Celebrate 50 Years with a New SIT Scholarship

In 1954, Alvino Fantini received a scholarship to attend The Experiment in International Living in Mexico. “I was transformed totally,” he said. “All I wanted to do was come back.” Fantini did come back to The Experiment in 1963 to lead Experiment groups of his own. By that time, he had met his future wife, Bea, and the two soon settled in the Brattleboro area. Alvino became a language coordinator for the Peace Corps, which sent all of its volunteers to The Experiment for language training and orientation at the time. Bea, a native of Bolivia, graded Spanish tests for college-aged Experimenters taking six-credit language courses. The Experiment’s work with the Peace Corps led to the founding of SIT (then School for International Training) in 1964. Though SIT sought higher education accreditation, and the language training programs were taking off, … Continue reading

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SIT Celebrates 50 Years

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of SIT, founded as the School for International Training in 1964 by The Experiment in International Living’s first president, Gordon Boyce, and executive vice president John Wallace. A celebration for alumni, students, staff, and faculty will take place in August 8-10, 2014 at SIT’s Brattleboro, Vermont, campus, with smaller events planned in other areas throughout the year, said Bea Fantini, chair of the SIT 50th anniversary celebration committee and  director of SIT’s Language and Culture Department. “It is very exciting for SIT to reach this milestone anniversary which reflects half a century of achievement by so many to build this strong, vibrant and vital educational center,” said John Lucas, executive vice president of academic affairs and SIT provost.  “SIT remains firmly committed to experiential education and rooted in the values of social justice, diversity, and … Continue reading

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Father’s Day: Son Honors Sargent Shriver in New Book

By Marilyn Saks-McMillion, Program Officer, World Learning Exchanges & Training Unit On one of those rare, humidity-free early summer evenings, I took the Metro from downtown Washington, DC into Maryland and walked half a mile to a special book signing. The occasion was the publication of A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver. Written by his fourth child, it was an early book tour stop for Mark Kennedy Shriver, hosted at his brother’s and sister-in-law’s home. Scores of people gathered for the garden party held to celebrate the book’s debut and to hear from the author, who generously signed, dated and personalized each copy. Mine reads, To Marilyn, Hope you enjoy Dad’s story. Mark K Shriver. Sargent Shriver was a remarkable individual, who accomplished many great things during his career that impacted the lives of so many in the … Continue reading

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World Learning staff host Peace Corps 50th celebration event

As part of over 700 parties taking place around the world in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Peace Corps on March 1, World Learning staff held their own Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Cake Blowout Party. Within World Learning, there are more than 28 returned Peace Coprs volunteers (RPCV) and former trainers. RPCVs who work in World Learning’s Washington DC office hosted an anniversary party at the office. Returned volunteers had a chance to share their Peace Corps memories with one another and with more than 35 other World Learning staffers.  A National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) House Party Sign in sheet was signed by 23 people who expressed interest in receiving more information on NPCA News, Advocacy News, and Education News. That same evening another Peace Corps 50th Anniversary party was held at the home of a World Learning staffer and RPCV. It was also … Continue reading

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2010 NPCA School for International Training Scholarships Awarded | National Peace Corps Association

2010 NPCA School for International Training Scholarships Awarded | National Peace Corps Association. NPCA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 SIT Graduate Institute scholarships to pursue master’s degrees in international programs at the school’s Brattleboro, Vermont campus. The NPCA scholarship was established in 2000 to recognize the long-standing ties between SIT and the Peace Corps. Members of the NPCA who have one year or more of significant intercultural experience are eligible to apply and several awards of $10,000 are made each year. The current recipients are: Chris Blackwood, Erin Peot, Jill Ranaivoson, and Katrina Busick. Read the entire blog at the National Peace Corps Association site.  The SIT scholarship is just one example of the longstanding ties between the National Peace Corps Association and World Learning/SIT. To learn more about the scholarship, click here. 

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Volunteering abroad strengthens US public image, panel finds

President and CEO of World Learning Adam Weinberg moderated a panel discussion at the Brookings Institution June 23 that revealed research findings on the impact of international volunteering on American diplomacy. The panel was part of a forum hosted by Brookings and Washington University’s Center for Social Development. The panel featured Susan Jenkins and Janet Kerly, analysts for the Peace Corps who evaluate and measure the program’s effectiveness, and Amanda Moore McBride, a research director for the Center for Social Development and assistant professor at the School of Social Work at Washington University. Weinberg introduced the panelists and gave opening remarks. The panel found that international service programs like the Peace Corps serve as an effective diplomatic tool to build bridges to other nations and cultures. Research data indicates that Americans who volunteer overseas improve US public image abroad and … Continue reading

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Diversity and Global Citizenship: Thoughts from a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and World Learning Employee

Written by Veleka Burrell. Continuing the trajectory towards global citizenship she began during her Peace Corps service, Veleka works in the International Development Programs division of World Learning. In this capacity, she identifies new business opportunities and supports development initiatives that fund World Learing’s international development programs. As the moderator introduced me to the crowd of students, my heart began to race and my throat went dry. I’m not big on public speaking or having lots of eyes watching me talk about myself. Still, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sit on a panel and talk to the nearly 200 University of the District of Columbia students about my Peace Corps experience and the life-changing opportunities that await them if they choose to study or volunteer abroad. Although I’d lived and traveled abroad before then, the two years I … Continue reading

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World Learning and Peace Corps: Celebrating common goals during Peace Corps week

Peace Corps Week 2010 is from March 1 to March 7. World Learning and the Peace Corps have shared an enduring partnership over the years. Both organizations have a common goal of empowering all people to realize their potential. In honor of Peace Corps week, we want to celebrate that partnership through our shared history, current connections and common goals. A shared history: When Sargent Shriver, an Experimenter in 1934, was tapped in 1961 by President Kennedy to lead the Peace Corps, he drew on his experiences with The Experiment, forging a bond between our two organizations that has strengthened over time.  In 1964, the SIT Graduate Institute (formerly the School for International Training) was founded as a training center for the first generation of Peace Corps Volunteers. Robert Terry, Former Director of the National Peace Corps Association and former … Continue reading

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