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International Women’s Day 2014

March 8 is International Women’s Day, which celebrates “the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present, and future.” World Learning is dedicated to empowering women and girls worldwide. We promote the advancement of women as leaders across civil society, government, and business sectors and work to improve economic, political, social, and other opportunities for women. Here are just a few of the ways World Learning’s staff, participants, and alumni are contributing to women’s empowerment: Pau Sian Lian, E Pleeth Baung, and Mai Len Nei Cer, are using the knowledge and skills they gained at World Learning’s Institute for Civil and Political Engagement in Burma, to improve gender equality across the country. Experiment alumna and writer Amy Logan conducted years of research before publishing her new novel The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice, which aims to raise awareness of honor … Continue reading

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What’s New in 2012

It’s a new year and we’re excited to announce some of the upcoming programs we’ll be launching in 2012. With initiatives in youth leadership development, health education, and international capacity development, we’ve got a busy year ahead. Here are some of the latest additions to World Learning’s efforts around the world. World Learning will host hundreds of Latin American youth in the United States this year, as part of huge expansion of educational exchange programs featuring new programs with Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. The first group of 45 students arrived in early January from Brazil to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Brazil Youth Ambassadors Program.  Participants learn about responsible citizenship, leadership, and community service, as well as social justice and volunteerism. They will also build ties with Americans through mentoring by business and civil society leaders. The US … Continue reading

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Rwanda Symposium to Offer Perspectives, Inspiration

A renowned Argentine collective memory scholar and the executive secretary of the Rwanda Governance Advisory Council will be the keynote speakers for SIT’s upcoming interdisciplinary symposium on Conflict, Memory, and Reconciliation: Bridging past, present, and future in Kigali, Rwanda, January 10-13, 2012. Practitioners and scholars in the fields of memory, reconciliation, conflict transformation, peace and conflict studies, and human rights have been invited to the event. SIT Study Abroad and SIT Graduate Institute, programs of World Learning, are sponsoring the symposium in partnership with the Center for Conflict Management at the National University of Rwanda. Keynoter Elizabeth Jelin, PhD, is a sociologist and senior researcher at Argentina’s National Scientific and Technical Research Council. She is also academic director of the Center for Memory Studies at the Institute for Economic and Social Development in Buenos Aires. Rwanda Governance Advisory Council Executive … Continue reading

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Celebrating teachers around the world

As I sat down to write this blog post on World Teachers’ Day, I started thinking of my favorite teachers and the qualities that made them so special. Some presented controversial ideas, others guided me in my interests, some were inspirational, and others were simply kind. They all made a difference in their own way. World Learning is fortunate to have world-class educators and trainers working for us. Our graduate faculty are creating a new generation of interculturally effective leaders, professionals, and citizens. At the same time, our development team helps countries worldwide reform their educational systems, train future English teachers, and meet the needs of vulnerable children. Here are a few of the teachers in World Learning’s community who are making a difference:   Influential wisdom. Hubert Decleer has been leading SIT Study Abroad programs for 25 years. Last year, … Continue reading

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International Literacy Day: Sept. 8

By Meredith McCormac, World Learning Education, Senior Program Officer Imagine that you are a child who cannot read. You are sitting in a classroom full of children. You are staring at the book on your desk, but the text is incomprehensible. You feel frustrated and lost. Hundreds of millions of adults and many more children worldwide lack minimum literacy skills and struggle to break the cycle of poverty. Literacy plays a critical role in all our lives. Recent studies show that the quality of a school system, and by extension, literacy, is a primary factor in economic growth. Further, estimates indicate that the average child in a low-income country is learning at about the same level as a child in the fifth percentile of a high-income country. The basic skills to read and write elude far too many people around … Continue reading

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Recovering from Hurricane Irene

By Adam Weinberg, World Learning President and CEO As you may know, the Brattleboro community was devastated by Hurricane Irene, one of the worst natural disasters in Vermont’s history. Fortunately, our campus sustained no damage and our remarkable employees ensured that incoming SIT Graduate Institute and Study Abroad students could begin their programs. World Learning is dedicated to helping our community–which has enriched our organization for more than 80 years–recover from this disaster. Our staff, students and other members of our family are serving as volunteers in the clean-up effort. In the immediate aftermath, our campus was used by the Red Cross as a distribution center to get thousands of lunches to flood victims and relief workers. We are also in touch with Governor Shumlin’s office to discuss ways that World Learning can assist in the long-term rebuilding efforts. Photo Gallery: … Continue reading

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World Learning Community Convenes for Cultural Evening in Ethiopia

Members of the World Learning community gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia July 21 to get to know each other better while enjoying traditional food, music and dance. The group included three SIT Graduate Institute alumni, an SIT Study Abroad in Chile alumna, representatives of the World Learning Ethiopia office, and a team visiting from World Learning’s International Development and Exchange unit in Washington, DC. World Learning has worked in Ethiopia since 1996 and currently runs four US-government funded programs in basic education, HIV prevention, and capacity building/grants management for more than 20 local nongovernmental organizations. “I was very happy to see there was an SIT alumni network here in Addis. Please do keep this network active and I hope it will grow,” said Akemi Yonemura, an SIT international management graduate working with UNESCO as an education specialist. Gülce Aşkın, a … Continue reading

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Celebrating alums making a difference in the environment

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, World Learning would like to recognize a few of our many alumni who are working to make a difference in the environment. Some alumni have chosen to focus their academic careers on researching specific environmental issues while others are devoting their professional lives to improving our environment. While the world gears up to celebrate Earth Day, we celebrate these alumni who devote every day to taking care of our planet. Adrienne Keller, a three time group leader for The Experiment in International Living (twice to Botswana and once to South Africa), is now a PhD student researching the effects of carbon on global climate change in the rainforests of Costa Rica. For Adrienne, the similarities between Botswana and Costa Rica under a common planet are greater than their differences. Keller credits The … Continue reading

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World Learning Acknowledges World Day of Social Justice

February 20 was the United Nations’ World Day of Social Justice. On this day in particular, we were encouraged to look at poverty eradication, gender equity, and access to well-being and justice for all. Many of World Learning’s programs educate, train, or work directly towards achieving these goals.  SIT Graduate Institute  programs are based on a commitment to the principles of social justice, including creating fair and equal opportunities for the people of the world. SIT offers several courses in social justice related topics, including classes that examine social justice theory and in practice, and social justice issues in intercultural relations, education, identity, and social action. SIT Study Abroad offers undergraduate students a look at social movements, education, and human rights. These programs focus on the role of civil society and mass groups–including labor, environmental, indigenous, and gender–in relation to improved … Continue reading

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It comes with a lot of responsibility: Creating social change in Ghana

As a student on the SIT Study Abroad Ghana: Social Transformation and Cultural Expression program, Peter Glidden  was placed with a homestay family in Beposo village. Though Peter’s time in Beposo was short, he made some amazing friendships, and the leaders of the community asked Peter to be Beposo’s Chief of Development.  Before accepting, Peter consulted with SIT’s program coordinator Kwame Prince Osu, who told him, “It comes with a lot of responsibility…If you’re sure that you can handle that, then you can hold this position.” Glidden thought long and hard, and finally accepted. A few years later, Glidden returned to Beposo to begin construction on a new school. Half a dozen friends and colleagues, inspired by his connection with the community, decided to come along to volunteer their time. Glidden even brought along his childhood friend Ted Alcorn, who produced a documentary about the experience. Though Glidden provided many of the … Continue reading

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