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[Video] Window on Oaxaca

In January of each year, SIT Graduate Institute offers optional field courses in different locations around the world. These intensive field courses provide students with experiential learning opportunities in the US and abroad through interaction with practitioners in the field, organization and project site visits, and professional networking. This year, in addition to courses in India, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados, eight students traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico, the ideal location for a two-week intercultural communication course. “It’s a very vibrant community, that speaks to the kind of work that we’re doing here in terms of social justice and caring about people from other cultures,” said Karen Blanchard, who lead the course. Watch our documentary of the course below.

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Opening Doors: A Discussion with Priscilla Stone, Vice Provost for SIT Study Abroad

After years of recommending SIT Study Abroad programs to students as an international educator, Priscilla Stone decided to take her own advice. In March, Stone joined World Learning as vice provost for SIT Study Abroad. Prior to SIT, she worked as the assistant provost for international education at Washington University in St. Louis. She also served as a member of the SIT Study Abroad Partnership Council, which advises SIT on academic content, program themes, language learning, and credit. While at Washington University, Stone found SIT Study Abroad programs—which are theme-based and examine critical global issues —to be a great fit for her students, many of whom had interdisciplinary majors in fields like environmental studies, international studies, or gender studies. “The themes really resonated,” said Stone. “They weren’t interested in just studying anthropology abroad, for example. They were more interested in … Continue reading

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A Summer to Remember at the Start of World War II

The summer of 1939 marked a turning point in world history—and in Jocelyn Gutchess’ life. In June of that year, Gutchess traveled with a small group of college students to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, with The Experiment in International Living on an adventure that took her group to the heart of the growing conflict in Western Europe. Though the trip ended in a series of hasty retreats from Gothenburg, Oslo, and Copenhagen amidst air raid drills and preparations for war, the first month was idyllic. Gutchess stayed with a host family from Stockholm who spent their summers on a small island just south of the city. She and her three host siblings spent the month of July swimming, fishing, playing tennis, and having long meal-time conversations in French, German, and English—languages they all shared. The focus of the trip was … Continue reading

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Global Ties that Bind: World Learning Mothers and Daughters

In recognition of Mother’s Day May 8, World Learning is highlighting mothers and daughters from three families whose lives have been transformed by World Learning programs. Their stories span three generations and demonstrate the ongoing importance of World Learning’s work in cultivating young leaders to create a more peaceful and just world. The Boyce Family Joan Boyce and her husband, Gordon, were group leaders for an Experiment in International Living program to England in 1948. They quickly became so committed to The Experiment’s mission to change the world one friendship at a time that Gordon became president of The Experiment in 1950. Their daughter Johanna grew up on The Experiment campus immersed in cross-cultural experiences, and later went on her own Experiment experience to France. Last year, Johanna’s daughter Amelia participated in a youth leadership program at SIT. Amelia says … Continue reading

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White House event stresses US-Chinese exchanges, Experiment recognized

The White House invited alumni and staff from The Experiment in International Living, a program of World Learning, to attend an event Wednesday at which First Lady Michelle Obama highlighted the importance of strengthening US-Chinese ties through exchange. Obama focused on the importance of encouraging young people to study abroad in China. The event at Howard University in Washington reaffirmed President Obama’s “100,000 Strong Initiative” which aims to dramatically increase the number and diversity of US students studying in China. The First Lady announced more than $2.25 million in private sector pledges in support of the presidential initiative. Scholarships provided by GreenPoint Group and the Friends of Charitable Education Trust to The Experiment in International Living’s China programs were cited as efforts in support of the president’s goal. Read the White House press release. The First Lady said that studying … Continue reading

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Where the wild things are: Explore Panama’s biodiversity with Smithsonian and SIT

Snorkeling in the waters off the Bocas del Toro island chain and conducting wildlife research in a tropical cloud forest are among the highlights of a new SIT Study Abroad summer program that explores Panama’s biodiversity. Designed to cultivate the next generation of scientists and researchers, the Panama: Biodiversity in the Tropics program is the result of a partnership between World Learning and Smithsonian Journeys, a branch of the Smithsonian Institution that offers educational travel opportunities in more than 200 countries.  A nexus of biodiversity, Panama is home to some of the most varied and colorful wildlife in the world. However, the Central American nation grapples with a conversion of ecological challenges including climate change, deforestation, and a rise in endangered species populations that threaten to undermine its rich ecological bounty. The four-week program gives students an opportunity to study … Continue reading

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SIT Study Abroad offers inside look at World Cup in South Africa

  The chance to view a world-class soccer match and experience a home stay in a Zulu township are what makes the 2010 FIFA World Cup experience different for SIT Study Abroad students. Several students on the South Africa: Globalization, Sports, and Development program have recently been featured in their local newspapers describing their unique view of South Africa and it’s hosting of the world’s largest sporting event. Read the articles. “Participants experience the first World Cup in Africa while learning about the intertwined relationship between globalization, mega-sports and development,” said Imraan Buccus, the program’s academic director. Sixteen years after the end of apartheid, the choice of South Africa to host the World Cup is seen as a major milestone. It also marks the first time an African country has hosted the event. South Africa’s role as host could influence … Continue reading

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SIT students in Chile build bridges through song

In her blog Travels Around, Emma Fialka-Feldman shares several examples of the kinds of meaningful and profound cross-cultural exchanges that are typical of SIT Study Abroad programs. Currently a student in the SIT Study Abroad Chile: Comparative Education and Social Change program, Emma recalls a moment when she and the other SIT students were asked to sing a song to Chilean students of indigenous Mapuche ancestry, many of whom had hosted them during the rural home stay portion of the program: Since the Spanish arrived in Chile in the 1500s, the Mapuche have been fighting to keep their land, their way of life, and their culture. For the past week we had the opportunity to live with a Mapuche family, learn their language, Mapudungun, and eat the incredible food that comes from their (very large) backyard. So as the SIT … Continue reading

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SIT alum finds education scholarships for Kenyan youth

Written by Lydia Spitalny, a SIT Study Abroad Kenya alum. She is currently the Co-Executive Director of Education for the Future Foundation, an education nonprofit organization in Kenya that is partnering with SIT Study Abroad Kenya. Lydia has also completed the SIT Graduate Institute CONTACT course in peacebuilding and conflict transformation. The greatest lesson I have taken from my experiences with SIT and World Learning is the necessity of community.  I first came to Kenya in 2007 on the SIT Study Abroad Kenya program. I enrolled in the program in order to practice my Kiswahili, explore a continent that I felt was deeply misunderstood, and to visit a country I had studied for several years. When I left Kenya, I left as a member of a community with promises made and relationships formed that would continue to deepen over the … Continue reading

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2008 Experiment in Chile Slideshow

In the summer of 2008, Laura McConaghy, now Outreach Manager for the Experiment in International Living, served as an adult group leader on the Experiment program in Chile. She recently shared her experience and that of her students through a beautiful audio slideshow, complete with local Chilean folk music. Enjoy Laura’s slideshow below and visit World Learning’s YouTube Channel to explore more videos of World Learning programs. Or follow this link to view a higher quality version.

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