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Leaders in Language Teacher Education

Building capacity in English language education to support global access and opportunity

World Learning and SIT offer a well-integrated and internationally recognized suite of courses and programs for teacher educators and in-service English language teachers in the United States and abroad, all of which are accredited and either standardized and internationally portable, or tailored to the needs of particular stakeholders.

Develop as an English Language Teacher

The SIT Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate is an internationally-recognized and accredited teaching certificate guaranteed to give you an edge in your pursuit of a successful and rewarding career in English language teaching.

Our Best Practices (BP) in TESOL Programs are customized teacher training courses designed to provide practicing teachers with valuable resources for improving students’ performance and advancing in their careers.

The Teaching English Language Learners in Content Classes (TELIC) course provides professional development to help teachers better meet the needs of English language learners (ELLs) in mainstream classes.

476528_220955251351704_100003116927681_360975_1007151173_oDevelop as an English Language Teacher Trainer

Our Skills and Principles in Language Teacher Training Certificate is designed to support teachers transitioning into teacher training. It focuses on building skills in experiential workshop design and delivery as well as in learning-centered observation and feedback.

Our process for becoming a Licensed SIT Teacher Trainer is designed for experienced teaching professionals and teacher trainers who wish to deepen their skills and knowledge in teacher education while earning a licensure to deliver the SIT TESOL Certificate,  BP TESOL Programs and become involved other World Learning TESOL programs.

Develop as a Manager of Language Teachers

The International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM) is offered in partnership with three of the world’s leaders in TESOL, World Learning’s SIT Graduate Institute, Cambridge ESOL and The University of Queensland to provide teachers with the management tools to succeed in a new phase of your career.

In addition to these courses, World Learning’s TESOL programs include distance language proficiency assessments, visitor and cross-cultural exchanges that focus on developing English language teaching skills and exposing participants to the diversity of US society, and other international development projects focusing on building capacity among English language education professionals worldwide. Learn more about World Learning’s English language education development projects.

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