Be an effective educator

Our courses provide participants with professional knowledge and skills in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) as well as tools for their own reflection and growth as teachers. By weaving together input workshops, practice teaching and feedback our courses use experiential learning as a foundation to provide participants with  multiple opportunities to connect theory and practice. We prepares graduates to make informed decisions about their teaching and to be confident and effective in the classroom. Our courses are transformative and inspirational to teachers who are new to the field, and offers renewed excitement and revitalization to those with years of experience.

Join a global network of professionals

With our courses, you will join a worldwide network of experienced educators dedicated to high quality instruction. Getting a Certificate with us entitles you to a vast body of knowledge and resources developed over decades by professional language instructors, teacher trainers, and faculty at the SIT Graduate Institute. Being a part of SIT links you to some of the most innovative thought in the field.  Many of our graduates choose to pursue additional professional development opportunities through SIT’s comprehensive offerings: A Master’s in TESOL, a Master’s in  International Education, and a variety of inspiring short-term online and face-to-face teacher training courses.

Do something meaningful

English is a fact of life in today’s globalized world and is widely accepted as the lingua franca of international business, communications, and science and technology. For this reason building capacity in English language education has become a means of supporting global access and opportunity in many regions of the world. As a course graduate, you can play a vital role in training and educating the next generation of leaders, scholars, and professionals. Be on the front lines of efforts to increase opportunities for English language learners all over the world, in developing countries as well as wealthier nations.  Course graduates have taught a variety of English language learners, including newly arrived refugees in the US, inmates in the domestic prison system,  doctors in China, businessmen in Italy, primary school children in Korea, and refugees in camps on the Burmese border in Thailand.

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