Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program

The Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP) enables Iraqi undergraduate and high school students to study at American institutions, develop leadership skills and build action plans to strengthen the future of Iraq.

Jovenes en Accion

In partnership with the Department of State, the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP), and various private sector representatives, World Learning and its U.S. community partners host sixty-eight Mexican high school students for a five-week educational exchange opportunity in the United States.

Serbia Youth Leadership Program

SYLP is a short-term cultural and educational exchange between high school students from Serbia and the United States

Brazil Youth Ambassadors

The Youth Ambassadors Program with Brazil (YAP) will give students and adult leaders an opportunity to develop leadership and problem-solving skills that enable them to act as leaders in their communities.

"While a participant of a World Learning Youth Program, I was given the opportunity to learn about new subjects and relate those topics in discussion with people from around the world. The program helped me to be open, honest and respectful towards others, even if they had different views or opinions than me. It allowed me to share my point of views and it made me more confident as a young leader of Brazil." ~Brazil Youth Ambassador 2012 Participant