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    Posted on July 10, 2013 by Phoebe Connolly in Blog, Pakistan Group 1.

    While in New York City, World Learning Youth Programs partnered with Girl Be Heard, a New York City based organization that uses theater as a vehicle to empower young women.  The Executive Director, Jessica Greer Morris, is a World Learning Alumni having participated in a Study Abroad program in Brazil.  The collaboration provided a priceless experience for the participants.  Below is a blog post from a female Pakistani participant:


    What was the most interesting take away from your experience with Girl Be Heard?

    The thing which I take away the most is that at first, I said that I wished I was a boy but after my experience with Girl Be Heard, I am really proud to be a girl and will achieve my goals just as I am, as a girl, and will take a stand for other girls.

    A Poem Prepared by a Pakistani participant:

    I am Girl of this World.
    I wonder why the girls are suppose to be blamed for their misfortune,
    I hear a voice saying, “I want equality and freedom.”
    I see a glimmer of hope coming to my way,
    I want to really act on it, to take first step towards betterment,

    I am Girl of this World…
    I pretend myself to do something to create peace
    I feel that I can do it, but unity is required.
    I touch the sky in my dream… I worry what happened?  Am I awake?
    I ask, “Why is my dream not really happening?!”

    I am a Girl of this World…
    I understand that everyone has a different opinion,
    I believe they also have soft heart, I dream that my dreams will become true,
    I trust in God, He is listening to me…
    I hope for peace and equality.
    I am a Girl of this World….



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